Hi Richard! 
Thanks for taking a moment to check out our project. This page will give you a brief rundown of some details which you can use to gauge your interest. We'd love to bring you in for the role of KLAUS RICHTER, a retired supervillain, the Blofeld to our version of James Bond. I think he's a really funny version of this character type and I know you'd be an absolute hoot in this role! 
The script should read a bit like a parody, intentionally over-the-top and at times a bit cartoonish. I think the more dead-serious we take it, though, the funnier it will be.
You can view the script by clicking on the button below, then check out some of the info on this page to learn a bit more about the project.
WE MEET AGAIN is a proof of concept film designed in partnership with LA Castle Studios, a virtual production stage in Burbank. The stage is a specially-built green cyc with a camera and computer system that seamlessly generates a virtual environment in real time, enabling us to shoot in multiple 'locations' at the press of a button. 
Here's a look at some of the virtual environments we'll be using in this film:
The short is a bit like a sketch film, designed to showcase some of the incredible production flexibility afforded in this modern approach to filmmaking, while telling a fun, self-contained story – and that's where you come in.
The entire narrative is held together by the frame story in a Victorian mansion, led by you as the Bond Villain character whose 'retirement lair' the whole story is set in. The rest of the film will feature fully choreographed fight scenes, energetic flashbacks to the heydays of these two eternal enemies!
But don't worry, we won't ask you to do any stunts! We've partnered with a fight team out of Atlanta to cook up some great choreography. It's a team I've worked with before whose results are always top notch, and I expect they'll turn in some really exciting work for this one. 
I know we've been in contact here and there, but just a refresher about my journey:
When we first met I was still living on the east coast and was attached to a production company as a director. Before that I'd started in the camera department and worked my way up. Since the pandemic and with the strikes, things have been a little crazy! I did some time with Disney in post production, and now mostly float between editing and camera work while continuing to write and produce my own stuff. 
I know you've seen Kringle Time – and while I very much enjoyed working with Vernon in the picture, I often think about what could have been with you in the role! 
Below are two trailers; one is for the short western I shot last year that's about to start its festival journey. The other is for another short I made in 2016 which I don't remember whether I sent you before. I'm including it here because it's one of the projects I've worked with this stunt team on, so you can see a snippet of the fight choreographer's work:
I've got producers for this kind of thing! If the material interests you, let's start there and I'll quickly get you looped in with our producers to make sure we're able to take care of you. 
The commitment will be one day of shooting on a sound stage in Burbank. You'll have your own private holding space there, and we'll be happy to make any accommodations within our power.
I know the day will come when we finally get an opportunity to work together! I hope this might be the one, and trust that whether it is or not, an opportunity will arise. 
I remain a huge admirer of yours, and Zan and Lys have only ever sung your undying praises. If you like the script and think it's a good fit, please shoot me a message by email or give me a ring at (917) 318-4633. I'd love an excuse to reconnect at any rate.
Thanks again for your time!

- Matt
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