Kringle Time
When Kringles — the singing, dancing snowman on a popular kids’ show — drops dead on live TV, a citywide crisis brings several small town characters out of the woodwork. To keep the ship afloat, a down-on-his-luck station manager must don the Kringles costume himself. But the cast and crew are rooting against him, the added pressure is destroying his relationship, and the mayor won’t stop pestering him about building a pointless Kringles memorial statue. 
To make matters worse, the ghost of the late Kringles performer returns to haunt him at the least opportune moments, slowly revealing the dark secret that he carried to the grave. With the reputation of this beloved snowman on the line, the station manager will have to choose whether to preserve his predecessor’s dignity in death, or to burn his legacy to the ground, destroying a symbol that had been used to hurt people.
KRINGLE TIME is a dark comedy that blends the offbeat dynamic of an ensemble cast with the more intimate father/son journey of its main character. With a light touch it also offers a social justice conversation, making it both entertaning and timely. 
It is the debut feature of Matthew Lucas, who self-produced and financed the project with writer Zan Gillies. It was made on a backyard budget over two years.
Available now on VOD everywhere.
Starring: Benny Elledge, Vernon Wells, Gigi Edgley, and Jeff Wincott